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How Much Does a Pest Control Inspection Cost?

Whenever we shift to the new house, there are always some tiny and uninvited guests like cockroaches, flies, insects, mice, or other insects that are living with us under one roof. There are some other pests like termites that can cause devastating damage and create unsanitary conditions and make it difficult to stay in your own home. 

It will add a few factors to your condition and could be challenging and expensive at the same time to get rid of it and it totally depends on the type of the pests. So that is why it is mandatory to do a pest control inspection before starting the house shifting process. That will give the confidence to shift into the new house with full joy and happiness.

You need to know about the pest control service in Ipswich before shifting to the new house. In today’s article, we are going to discuss pest control costs, damaged signs, and factors that can easily affect the cost of the inspection.

What is a pest control inspection?

With the help of a pest control service in Ipswich, we used to find whether there is any evidence of pests, insects, termites, rodents, and other pests that can cause damage. Some insects like termites can cause serious damage to your house and even you may have to think about the purchase new furniture again. There is where the pest control inspection becomes mandatory. 

For the inspection of the pest control service in Ipswich, our inspector come to your place and inspect almost everything and everywhere like the paint of your house and the electrical wires so if there is any sign of pest, our best pest control Brisbane can help you out. 

Pest Inspection Vs Home Inspection

Sometimes there is some confusion between the pest inspection and home inspection but we need to understand both. There is also variation in the home inspection cost and pest inspection cost. In both inspections, the inspector looks for the red flag points. In the pest inspection, the inspector looks out for uncovering any infestations, because they know the places where to find the pest. 

On the other hand in-home inspection, the inspector looks for physical and structural damage on the house. This inspector can tell you if there is any plumbing or electrical issue in your house or not, but this is not connected to the pest inspection.

How much does pest inspection cost?

It is not possible to find the exact cost of pest control in Brisbane, Ipswich., because the cost may vary as per the professionals you hire for the pest inspection. 

Sometimes, sellers make sure that their house is pest-free before making the house on lease. On the other hand, buyers make sure the house should be pest-free before shifting into it for this they can either ask the seller to do a pest inspection or you can also do it. 

Choosing the reviewed company for the inspection will give you the benefit to stay in a pest-free home. This does not matter how many bills will come in the home pest inspection, getting an inspection done will definitely save your pocket from making holes in the future. The extraction process of pests depends on their extent that ranging from the on-time spray to the professional range to vacate your home space.

Factors that affect the cost of pest control

The eco pest control service in Brisbane doesn’t fit all solutions. The pest inspector of your place will come and inspect your space and after assessment of the property and problems, give you the quote of h=the pricing that depends on various factors like the size of the house, type of pests, accessibility, and size of the infestation.

Common signs of pests damage

  • Damaged wood, crushed joints, and hollow surrounding,
  • Scratch or bite marks
  • Dropping of insects, termites, or rodents
  • Mud tubes
  • Piles of woods, soils, or wings

A professional pest control inspector not only examines your place from the inside but also from the outside so that you could find the main cause of the pest infestation. If you have a basement or crawl space, they will inspect that space too for the safe side. 


The best time to control pest infestation is the time when you notice any problem, this is the general rule of pest inspection. This rule is applicable to all pests and insects. But still, if you find any pest after moving into the new house, then it is the time when you have to spend money and deal with it. So if you have any queries related to the pest control inspection cost or its services, you can freely contact us and get the solutions to all your queries.