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Rug cleaning tips

Expert Advice For Rug Cleaning

Both carpets and rugs provide additional attractiveness to the house. They are a big aid in the winter since they keep barefoot legs warm. No matter if it’s in the kitchen, the living room, or the garden. The likelihood of spills or stains occurring is higher. Just picture a rug that is covered with spills or stains and is laying on the floor. It won’t look attractive and will detract from the aesthetics of the space. 

Let’s look at some best rug cleaning tips below to restore your dirty rug to new condition:

Determine your rug’s material

Identifying your rug’s material is the first step in cleaning an area rug. As different materials necessitate particular area rug cleaning techniques and supplies, this is crucial for extending its lifespan.

The rugs need to be cleaned often

The most obvious step for maintaining clean rugs and carpets is this one. Vacuuming the carpets once a week can help keep dirt, filth, and dust at bay. If the debris sinks far down into the carpet, getting rid of it will be challenging. However, shake your carpet to remove any dirt that may have become lodged in the rug’s fibers before turning on your vacuum. 

If you want to prevent harming the carpet’s fibers, it is best to utilize the suction-only option rather than the rotary brush. To get rid of the pathogens, you may also sprinkle antibacterial powders over the rugs. At least once a month, give the carpet’s bottom some attention as well.

1. Use shaving cream for stain

One tip that experts in cleaning suggest is using shaving cream to get rid of stains. Regular shaving cream can efficiently remove even the hardest stains from the surface of rugs and carpets. The area that needs to dry after shaving should get between 30 and 45 minutes of moderate shaving cream application. To remove the stain from the rug’s or carpet’s surface once the area has dried, take a cotton towel and dab the affected area. This is one of the best rug and carpet cleaning tips, which will remove stains from both rug and carpet effectively.

2. For tougher stains use warm water and vinegar

Combine 1cup of warm water and 1 cup of white wine vinegar in a spray bottle. Use this remedy to get rid of tough stains like red wine, grime, and coffee. Furthermore, club soda can be used instead of warm water. Spray the solution over the stained rug’s surface, let it sit for 15 to 20 minutes, and then use a sponge or piece of cotton towel to blot the damaged area. The best method for cleaning mud is to let the area air dry before vacuuming it.

3. As soon as the spill occurs, clean it up

A stain has a better chance of being erased if you can deal with it quickly. Don’t hesitate to clean up spills right away. Clean up the stain by blotting or scraping it, depending on what was spilled.

4. Be Careful When Shampooing A Rug

Use shampoo suitable for your rug for normal or emergency cleaning. As a result, the best outcome will be achieved. It’s crucial to adhere to the manufacturer’s directions exactly no matter what shampoo you choose. Testing a shampoo on a tiny region, preferably a corner, is strongly advised. This is especially crucial if your rug is coloured since certain materials cause the colour to bleach or run readily.

The next best thing is to use warm water and a very mild dish detergent solution, but if you need to remove a stain quickly, this is a fantastic alternative.

5. Guard against pets

The hardest part of caring for carpets and rugs is getting rid of the smell of pet pee. The scent may be eliminated with a 1:1 solution of ammonia and water if you don’t already have a pet odour remover at home. Spray this mixture on the carpet and let it sit there for five to seven minutes. Clean the area from the centre out with a stiff brush.

To swiftly remove the pet’s hair from the rug. 3 parts water and 1 part fabric softener should be combined in a spray bottle, which should then be shaken. The mixture should be used to lightly spritz your whole carpet before allowing it to completely dry. You may quickly remove the hair from your carpet when you get back, either by hand or using a carpet cleaning device.

6. Give The Rug Time To Dry

It is very advised that your rug be entirely dry after cleaning it using one of the methods. It will begin to smell if it is not dried up. Every effort will be in vain. Dry the rug outside if possible; indoors, a dehumidifier or fan can hasten the process; nevertheless, heat should be avoided since it can cause carpets to distort and shrink.


To keep your feet off the chilly flooring during the winter, rugs not only add design and decor to your house but also become a necessity. You must employ Rug cleaning services in Ipswich for pressure washing if your rug is unclean. You may clean your rug properly by using the aforementioned rug cleaning advice. The majority of the time, ignorance results in an error. By following the above professional instructions and keeping a few key points in mind, you can gently clean your rug. I hope you enjoy our rug cleaning tips.